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Circus Gallery was born from 2 people sharing one big idea 

‘Bring Art to The People’. 


Sonja Heath an entrepreneur has over 15 years of experience in Art Galleries and Art Consultation and founded Maze Gallery in London. She has always had a passion for finding emerging talent and cultivating long lasting relationships with artists and collectors. She prides herself on her innovative thinking and evolving ideas to move with the trending art scene.


Daniel Hooper is an independent artist with 5 years of sell-out solo shows and mega instagram success. He brings his marketing expertise and creative flair to the Circus Gallery. A man of many talents in both business and painting, he knows how to present and promote works of art to maximum effect.


Together they decided to create a platform for artists and art collectors that travels, much like a Circus would, broadening the sales opportunities for buyer and artist. Unlike a traditional gallery with limited daily footfall, Circus Gallery will travel and showcase their portfolio of artists to the masses at Art Fairs and Pop Up locations - keeping the content fresh and the audience new.



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