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Within the last 10 years, the work of Brostrups has placed itself in the field of semi-realistic painters in Denmark. His works are coloristic, vibrant and the many details grab the viewer and plunges him in the vivid paintings. Brostrup's universe is a sampling of snapshots, of hidden glimpse of the past, of other cultures, of  the movement of everyday life. His motives derive from photographs taken where his path takes him, everyday sequences or on journeys. There are layers upon layers; a fusion of sensory impressions. Brostrup works with a classic format; the sketch streaks with pencil on canvas, then the oil paint is applied. It's one layer of oil paint, which requires constant focus, a more direct spontaneous expression not unequal with the music experienced in a live version. Brostrup is driven by the desire to tell a story, in the past his focus were primarily on nature and architecture, but in recent years several key figures have emerged on to the canvas in an attempt to explore the balance between the intellect and the body's needs.

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