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Jordan Eastwood is a self taught, emerging artist, living in Devon. Specialising in figure drawings and portraits, Eastwood's work balances merging realism with profound expression. His pieces are distinguished by heavy use of dramatic lighting and a primary use of black and white,  instilling each artwork with an immersive ambiance that draws viewers in.

In order to reinforce the atmosphere created by his drawings, Eastwood sculpts figures from clay and burnt wood that in previous exhibitions, have acted as visual and emotional anchor points. These sculptures mirror the core ideas of the drawings, becoming expressive through exaggerated poses, and subtly enhanced anatomy.

Being a big believer in the potential of materials, Eastwood prefers to employ a range of natural mediums such as wood, paper, and charcoal, many of which are responsibly sourced from his home and studio on the outskirts of Dartmoor. This deliberate choice gives the artwork an organic quality and a sense of history, connecting it to the environment from which it originates.

In previous exhibitions, Eastwood has taken a multisensory approach to his art, going beyond visual experience, incorporating sounds, scents and a sense of space. Taking heavy inspiration from artists such as Mark Rothko and Francis Bacon, his goal for his installations is to envelop viewers into the manifestation of an idea, moment or feeling, offering new perspectives on human emotions and experiences.

Jordan Eastwood
Jordan Eastwood
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