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 Tabitha Millett is an English artist born in 1987.  Millett works as an assistant professor of Arts, Creativities, and Education at Cambridge university where her primary studio is based.  Her work explores material moments of unknowingness, agency, simplicity, tactility and movement.  As with the majority of minimalist artwork, Millett's work has its own reality and is not an imitation of something else.  Therein, she makes no attempt to represent an outside reality, she simply wants the viewer to respond only to what is in front of them. In other words, the mediums, the materials, and the forms create their own reality. 


Spirit of Soho Artist Award 2016

Exhibitions 2009-2022: Fresh art Fair 2022. King’s College Cambridge 2022. National Trust Hackney London 2018-2019, Roman Road 2017, Hackney Road 2016, Dean Street Soho 2016, The Oxford International Women's Festival 2010, Brick Lane 2009, Ottawa Canada 2008.

Exhibitions 2023:

Solo Show ‘Let There be Dark’ Maze Gallery March 2023

The Affordable Art Fair March. 2023

Fresh Art Fair April 2023

Tabitha Millett abstract work

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